Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 most embarrassing nightclub photos

I love it when people share quality things with me that they know I'll love! [Especially if they're not doing it to promote themselves, and because it's actually something I've talked about loving before.]

One thing we all know I love: Spying crazy people in public, specifically in bars/clubs. 

My friend Mojo put a link on my Facebook for a new page "Embarrassing Nightclub Photos," and it is GOLD. Here are some of my faves, that aren't gross enough to make you barf: 

That is one seriously large, orange head... and a fantastic photobomb.

I can only imagine what they're thinking; "This is so hott. We know what's happening, but with the help of the dress and purse, no one else does. And certainly no one is photobombing a pic of us right now."

Man, woman or horse... that is the question.

I thought I had ridiculous poses... Glad Miss Blue Skirt is clearly not impressed.

That is in fact a guy lifting up your dress... Miss Smirnoff.

If this girl's outfit isn't enough to make you wanna take a picture, just imagine the lapdance-ee's thoughts the next day.

This is one sexy ass couple. *Ass Ass Ass Ass.* 

Contrary to what you may think, lady, squeezing a cage-bar with your cheeks is not a good look.

One word: Yummy. Pictures everywhere!

This outfit totally rivals the neon mesh outfits of College Station.... I don't even know who wins.

There is a serious amount of showing tampon strings, awkward sweat-spots, pukes, and pees... but I thought I'd let you find those on your own. There's also a whole website for it.

If you ever wanna share something with me, always feel free to tweet it or post it on the Facebook group!


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