Tuesday, September 4, 2012

watch etv: jump behind the wheel with me during my bug out races!

Considering it's been three years since I raced, and I started this blog *almost* four years ago, many people may not know that I used to race a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. FYI- I did it for six years, won a few times, appeared in a couple magazines, and never bragged once..........

Maybe the bragging part is a lie... obviously.

When I moved to Texas, I handed the car over to my brother and he's been the racer ever since. He didn't come home to do it this past weekend because of the weather, so I got another chance! It was Bug Out 72 [the Bug Out is a huge Volkswagen event that I've been going to since I was a toddler], and you better believe I walked into the Speedway like I owned the place, intense soundtrack music playing in my head and everything.

I've never been able to really show people what it's like when I race, but with the help of my cousin's phone dock this past weekend, I can take you in the car with me so you get the full experience!

I'm SO upset the drags were canceled, but at least I still got to be behind the wheel one more time before the floor falls out Mikey takes it over again. It's such a fun and exhilarating thing, and that's not something I get to feel/experience every day. If only I had the money to afford a VW, I'd race every time..

Sugar Daddy......?


PS: Some more info on the "Ploger Racing Team-" We're really well known at the track because not only has my dad been racing for over 25 years, he wins 80% of the time. My uncle also races and does pretty well. All the cars are my dad's, who has rebuilt them many times. His car was built from the ground up, welding the rails together, shaping the sheet metal and everything. My car sat in the woods for at least a decade before he brought it back up, put in a new "floor," engine, and painted it himself. I'm pretty proud to be part of such a cool thing.

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