Tuesday, August 28, 2012

pinspired outfits: sequins at work and white jeans

Dang. I made it halfway through my Pinspired Challenge with nothing but smooth sailing... then I kept forgetting to take pictures/get them up. Time to play a little catch up!

If you haven't noticed, a lot of them have been outfits that are a little out of my comfort zone. [AKA I normally wear pretty plain things- shorts or jeans and a tank top with flops.] This day I took a bit of a risk and broke out my sequin skirt that I love, but feel like I can only wear on New Year's Eve.

My skirt, like most of my clothes, is from Forever21 for $12. Chambray shirt [that is now way too big for me, which makes me sad] is from Target for $15, and the shoes are from Charming Charlies for $5! I forgot to take a picture of the back of them, but they have some ruffles/rhinestones on the back to add a little snazz!

Not only is it super fancy for me on an average workday, but it's also against my usual "summer= bright colors only" rule. The good news: It'll last me long into fall, and is great to wear out and to the office! ...Even though everyone gave me the "WTF are you wearing and why are you so fancy right now" face.

I wish my white jeans were stretchy/a little more comfortable, then maybe I'd wear them more. The truth is: I never think of outfits for them, nor do I try very hard to match a purse to my outfit. This isn't the most complicated outfit, but it includes my new favorite shirt of the year and is nothing but bright.

NO idea how much the original costs [stupid pinners doing it wrong], but my shirt is from Old Navy clearance for $18 [way more than I'd usually spend, but it's beyond comfortable, flattering, versatile, and my favorite color of right now], jeans from Wet Seal for $20, and purse from Kohl's clearance for $14. It also has a long strap to attach so that I don't lose it! 

Yeah, I know.... I still need to find a better location to take these pictures... my backyard is much too ugly, and my hallway is lame with awful lighting. I don't know how these pro-bloggers do it!

And this marks 8 pinspired outfits! Two more, then I have an exciting idea for you! [And I'll need to find something to blog about... hmm...]


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