Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pinspired outfit: mint jeans and a fishtail

I've been searching for a good pair of mint jeans for almost a year at this point, but I could never find any in my price range [$20 or under] that fit really well. Somehow my luck turned around in Target the other day.

As usual for Target, I went in for something completely different than what I walked out with. Went in for a bathing suit on clearance, walked out with the last pair of mint jeans for $12. [AND, they're a size 4, which I normally have no business even trying to fit into. I guess the "curvy fit" really does help! They're perfect.]

I have SO MANY outfits planned for these babies, but this is the easiest for everyone to recreate, minus the awesome clutch she has:

**Don't mind the orange tint of my skin. I felt like the "minty" color wasn't showing enough so I upped the saturation. Shoot me.**

I have no idea how much the original outfit costs, but mine- Jeans were obviously $12, off the shoulder tee from Papaya for about $8, shoes from Rack Room shoes, I got two pairs [yay BOGO!] for $27, and my new fave clutch came from my BFF, which I assume she got from Target. I also have black rose earrings on that I got six pairs of them in different colors for $3 at Body Central.

The original outfit didn't have it, but since that necklace matched the clutch perfectly, I threw it on. It's actually a piece from an old, tacky "club shirt" I've had since high school. I cut it off and threw the shirt away! I love it, but unfortunately I left it in this here parking lot and now it's gone. Hmph. 

We had Big Time Rush in the studio today, and I was rushing out of the house, so I did the fishtail braid while preparing the UStream. Multitasking for the win!

People at work were dumbfounded that I came in dressed, wearing heels today. It's been a while since they've seen such a sight. 

They also asked a lot of questions about the "bug bites/sun spots/scars" all over my face. I'm just going to throw this out there, like I have before while attacking Kim Kardashian- I have psoriasis [dry, scaly skin.. a hereditary skin disease]. Normally it's only been on my legs, arms, and head, but now it's spread to my face and it's terrifying me. It's on my eyelids, under-eye, forehead, nose and chin. So basically- everywhere. Luckily, they haven't started peeling/scabbing too bad yet, but KNOCK ON FREAKING WOOD. I've tried so many things to get it to go away, and normally sun is the best option. Not this year, apparently. It looks like the final option is a shot... WHICH I HATE, but I'm going to need to grow some balls and try. 

Clearly I'm going to need to figure out how to wear face make-up, which I've never really worn my entire life. Dumb.

On a lighter note- could the sun have been any more in my eyes for these pictures?! Yikes. Not my most photogenic day, but whatever. If I'm going to post something like this, a couple squinty eyes aren't going to hold me back right now.


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