Tuesday, August 21, 2012

real world portland cast update: meet jordan wiseley and johnny reilly

Lookie here! We've got our first two GUYS identified in the Portland house! And BOTH of them have videos showing us exactly who they are. Hello CONVENIENCE, it's nice to meet you!

And nice to meet you, Jordan Wiseley!

  • 22
  • From Mustang, OK
  • Oklahoma State University, Business major
  • Wakeboarder
  • Missing at least four fingers on his left hand:
He seems like a pretty awesome guy, and he looks nice, too! Plays all sorts of sports, likes country AND rap music, and is basically my future husband. Or.. something.

And there's Johnny Reilly.

  • 21
  • From West Bridgewater [AKA Boston], MA
  • Wrestled in high school, now is a chef
His audition tape isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but remember what I and all the roommates have always told us in podcasts: It's not about being obnoxious or having "the craziest, most dramatic, party life in the world." It's about being able to tell a story [and probably have something hidden in your past]. All Boston guys are good for the show, let's be honest.

That's all for now! No big stories besides being out at the bars and mingling with people from their balcony. Sounds so... familiar. 



Anonymous said...

Vevmo, wrote that Jordan is missing four fingers from one of his hands.

elizabethany said...

you're right, totally forgot to include that! Thanks!