Tuesday, June 19, 2012

watch etv: getting a coworker hammered on my show

Normally I kinda hate sharing my birthday with anyone [who doesn't!?], but when I found out my coworker Dustin was 21 the day before me, I had to get him hammered on the show.

I've wanted to *return the favor* ever since Kane got me drunk for my 21st birthday, and he was totally down. So were his parents. They agreed to be his DD after drinking an entire bottle of Fireball.
I'd love to call them the coolest parents ever, but when you watch the video, you'll realize that they totally owed him for some things he's had to.. er... witness.

My friends were also arriving for my birthday shenanigans, so between 10 or so of them, him and his friends, and his parents... we had plenty of people to come up with questions he had to answer honestly... and that he did.

Corey also live tweeted a bunch of it, because it was seriously some of the most awkward moments just seeing his parents sitting behind him. And when she busted out the "who's the ugliest girl you've ever slept with" with no hesitation, I about lost it. I can't imagine being in that position with my parents.

Dustin, thanks for being perfection and totally entertaining. Also, thanks for being a champ and finishing that whole bottle of Fireball. Dang boy.

Who's next?! That was fun.


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