Tuesday, June 19, 2012

photo and video diary: my 25th birthday!

As you should know ;) my birthday was over the weekend... and because I think it's silly to hide my age, I'll tell you I'm an old woman and officially a quarter century year old. [No, I don't honestly think my childish self is an old woman.]

ANYWAY, I had my 15 most favorite people come down and visit me [which is really unbelievable... how did I get so lucky?!], they all crashed at me house, and we had a freaking fun weekend. Now, I shall share our debauchery with you.

My first batch of friends came on Thursday, and I took them out to Norfolk. The main group came on Friday, met me in the studio [more on THAT insane-ness later], then we headed out to the oceanfront. We were given a VIP section when we got there and my fantastic friends pitched in to get a couple bottles for me! We may or may not have partaken in some 3am ocean skinny dipping post-club.
My actual birthday on Saturday was fun at the beach, dinner, and finished off at the station event at Cabo, where Corey was DJ'ing.

Pictures tell the story better than I can with a couple words, so here are some of my favorite pictures:

And these pictures are hilarious because of things that are in the background. I spotlighted them, duh.

And here are a ton more pictures!

We took cabs everywhere we went which was actually easier than I thought it would be [and provided some entertainment as one of my friends decided she should call the dispatch from the driver's walkie talkie thing].. They definitely questioned us when we ordered "enough for 15-20 of us," though.

UPDATE: You can see some of her talking to dispatch in this here video. It also shows plenty more debauchery and flips on the beach.

It was definitely the perfect weekend for me. The perfect group of friends and family, perfect activities, and a huge sleepover! I LOVE SLEEPOVERS! Cleaning sucked, but it was beyond worth it.

Thanks again to everyone who drove down here, people who met up with us at the beach/bars, and even everyone who sent me wishes online! I'll never forget [the pictures of] this birthday!


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