Monday, May 14, 2012

photo diary: my life, the past couple weeks

Thanks to my camera getting stolen once again, I haven't been able to successfully keep you updated on my life! BUT, thanks to amazing men who were there the night it was taken, they donated over $200 for me to replace my camera ASAP. Now, I'm back in action!

Ever since I moved into my house, my roommate and I have wanted to paint an accent wall. We finally got around to it. We picked a very bold cyan, and it has completely transformed the room! I love it!

We have a lot more decorating to do, but we're getting there. Having two people and all their stuff come together for one design is a hard thing to do... that's a lesson I'm definitely learning.

Two weekends ago was, of course, Cinco de Mayo. The same people that put together SantaCon and LepreCon in the area put on MexiCon, and duh- of course we were there. 

We got those sweet Corona ponchos from Tijuana Flats before the bar crawl! So neat! 

Some of the travelers... Bar #3. There are a lot of people being covered up, including a girl who spent $45 on a legit sombrero.

And these would be the final pictures of me before I hopped in a cop car and got a ride home. Yeah, somehow I pulled off getting a free ride home while being Cinco-de-Shmammered.

As for this past weekend, we kicked off wine festival season in Norfolk. [There's another one in Virginia Beach this weekend, along with Preppy-Con.]

Not gonna lie, I LOVE my dress that I wore. I got it on sale at Forever 21! 

Tried to keep it classy-ish for a little.....

Didn't exactly last long....

And BRUCE SMITH happened to be standing right by us for a good ten minutes, took a picture of Bobby with him, and it never clicked to me who he was. I know.. I'm a bad fan. My brother is surely gonna kill me for this.

Finally... I had NO idea that potatoes grew "sprouts" after a week or so of sitting in the bag, so when I learned this, I decided to start a science experiment. A couple months later, there was a monster potato. Don't worry. I threw it out this weekend.

There a bunch of pictures from MexiCon over here, if you wanna see ALL of the loco. And, if you wanna catch more pictures from me in general, you could always be my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram [@luvelizabethany], duh.


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Panty Buns said...

You're a riot! It's amazing how you can be so wild and funny and still have a spotlessly neat house! I love the blue accent wall. You sure display a wide range of talents and looks! Love the mustache and you're a lovely fashionista in your red Forever 21 dress! Now if only you'd been wearing your pretty dress that when you did the handstand! Loved the statue hug.