Tuesday, May 15, 2012

podcast: what people got away with

It's National Police Week, and in order to celebrate on the show, I wanted to know what people have gotten away with doing. I assumed I'd get a lot of the typical "I cried my way out of a ticket," but I was incredibly surprised.

One lady escaped three felonies and one guy got away with counterfeit money. And that's not even half the calls I got.

You better believe I'M taking notes on how to escape some of these things! Hott damn. I'm certainly falling in love with my listeners and their willingness to share their lives.

Also, last week, I talked about things people have done in their past that would definitely get them fired if their current employer found out.

One dude SH!* ON HIS BOSS' CAR every Sunday. Unreal.

So. Freaking. Good.

My app will have an update this week allowing you to listen to the show directly from there, or you can always catch my podcasts, tweets, blog, etc from it as well. Holla at that free-ness! ;)


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