Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 recipes to celebrate national chocolate chip day

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, so it only makes sense that I gather some awesome recipes for you to make tonight! I looked beyond the obvious chocolate chip cookies and brownies, and found these scrumdiddliuptious things for you.

Okay, so this one is your average chocolate chip cookie on the outside, but cheesecake on the inside! Imagine this as a Birthday cookie cake. Oh my... 

And then we have a straight up chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake, topped with some fruit. 

This one has everyone talking. Finally chocolate chip cookie dough is good to eat as a dip!

If you're dieting for the summertime, a chocolate chip drink will cut some calories! Like a mint chocolate chip martini!

And this will definitely help cut calories, and it's super simple! Insert chips into raspberries, and enjoy the sweetness!

My birthday is in a month. I'm seriously going to need someone to make me one or all of these things. In the meantime, I'll be partaking in the raspberries tonight.


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