Wednesday, November 16, 2011

poll: do women have to take the man's last name?

I've always liked my last name. It WAS my name throughout high school. I've never loved the idea of taking a man's last name unless it was really cool, but as my friends get married, I realize I really don't want to part ways with mine!

I decided to take it to the airwaves and Facebook. I assumed I'd get attacked, especially by guys, saying that I'm an awful female. [Good thing I don't pride myself on being much of a girl.]

Listeners surprised me. A lot. About 70-80% of people actually agree with me, or have ways to compromise.

I really don't want to hyphenate my name, either. I mean seriously... Elizabethany + middle name + Ploger [my last name] + another last name?! Holy hell. That's not even right.

Only one more way to settle this... with an official poll! Sound off:


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