Wednesday, November 16, 2011

nifty: bacon lube

It's almost time for me to start doing my holiday gift ideas, but this one couldn't wait. NOTHING with bacon can afford to be put on hold on the Internet.

Shoot... nothing with sex should wait either, so I've got a double whammy for you!

Bacon. Flavored. Lube.

The company has created a whole long line of bacon products, and they've made the lube before as an April Fool's joke, but apparently they got so many emails about it, they're bringing it back permanently! Praise the bacon gods!

Clearly this stuff makes you really hott....

There's a video of the creators giving it a try, and even though their faces are mostly showing a bit of disgust, I assume it's because they're eating lube, not because it tastes bad.

Will you get it for your honey? Or for you? I mean... it's dinner, AND breakfast, in bed. What could be better?! Plus- it's only $11.99.


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