Tuesday, November 29, 2011

holiday gift guide: give joy and comfort with the fombag

Today begins my 2011 daily holiday gift guide! Every day I'll post something you may have never thought of [or heard of] that would be a fabulous idea for nearly anyone. I'll hit all price ranges!

What I want, and everyone else will love: The Fombag.

It's a lot like a LoveSac,[AKA a giant bean bag fit for adults] but it's a LOT cheaper.

There are tons of options, but this is my favorite, the Sofa Sack.

It's 7 feet of pure comfort that you can lay a variety of ways to make it the perfect seat for your bedroom or living room! I mean seriously, imagine being hungover in this thing. It'd be instant feel-better. OR... CUDDLING?! Shoot. You two would never get up! This option: $255.

There's also the traditional round sack, a pillow, a "pancake" which is flatter, ottomans, and more! You could totally furnish your whole place.


And don't you worry about them looking bad. Not that I've ever tried one, but based on the pictures, I'd assume that as soon as someone sat in them, they'd stop hating.

Dear Santa, give me the opportunity to sit in one, would ya?

Prices range from $120-$345 depending on the size and fabric. Here is where you can customize it yourself! And FYI: They're on sale til November 30, which could be today, depending on when you're reading this.

Happy sacking! Or bagging! Or... something.


PS: No, I'm not getting paid to post this... but I wish I was.. in the form of a free one.

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