Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nifty website: check out all the celebs' houses

Be prepared to waste entirely too much time looking at things that A) are relatively pointless and B) will probably make you a little mad or jealous.

This website, Celebrity House Pictures, knows exactly where all the big celebs live and is letting you know too. Not only will you know, but they make it easy to look down on their house and check it out.

I looked at some of my faves, some of the most extravagant, but mostly the relevant and local celebs. Here are just a few:

I want to hurt someone because of Dan Snyder's huge house. Can't he just share a little more?! Goodness.
Of course Willie Nelson is secluded amongst the trees.
Pharrell has a nicer house in Virginia Beach than Missy... I think something's wrong there, but that's just my personal opinion. And DAMN, I need to be his friend.
Also- Jazzy Jeff lives right down the road from my friend and that's pretty damn awesome. I think I should schedule a visit soon.

Stalking just became SO. MUCH. EASIER.


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