Thursday, September 29, 2011

watch etv: i train to become an nfl kicker

Remember when Ellen practiced with the Saints and I said I had something of the sort in the works? Okay, well, it's nowhere near as awesome as practicing WITH the NFL team, but I'm totally becoming a football player!

The wives/girlfriends/ladies of the Redskins players have created a fan club just for women, and I'm helping show people that chics can totally get into football, too!

For the next couple months I'm making videos of me "training" to become a football player. Of course for week one, I decided to go the easiest route [but probably the hardest for me, to be honest..]- Kicker/punter!

I mean... I knew I had no hand/eye/foot coordination when it came to balls and foreign objects, but I didn't think I'd be that awful. Oy.

I really wanna get some "official" people to help me in the next videos, so if you know any legit football players in the VA Beach area, or have someone I should try to get on them, holler! My dream is to get one of the Redskins or their wives on here, but we'll see how possible that is with their strenuous schedules.


PS: Lady Redskins fans! You should join WOW! It's free and they have special parties and perks and stuff for you! Um... DEAL!

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