Monday, July 25, 2011

etv poll: which clips should i use for my official sundrop commercial submission?

So I got dared to "Sun Drop" all over town, just like they do in the commercial. I was totally down to do it from the beginning, but I had no idea how late to the party I was. [FAIL!]

Anyway, one of my mottos, of course- "Better late than never!"

So yesterday I went all around town, from the mall, to the bar, to the library, to campus, and dropped it like it was hot [which it was, by the way- 107 degrees]. I can't decide which of these to put in my final submission, so watch and tell me your thoughts!

I totally wish the underwater one had been clearer, but oh well. I did my damnedest!

I'm probably doing this all backwards if I want to be on a commercial... Actually, I KNOW I am. I'm supposed to get as many views and fans on my Sun Drop page as possible, but it has to be a video under a minute, which is why I need your help in choosing the clips.

AKA... get ready to share the shorter version as much as humanly possible once I make it based on your input in a few days.

Have I told you I love you? I do. Really. Xoxo.


1 comment:

Jen Soko said...

Dayuuum girl...can you use them all? Fav was mall flips!! Voted on a few others too! I'm gonna be SunDrop chick for Halloween! Can't wait!