Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tunes on tuesday 060711

Hello and happy Tuesday! Let's do the damn thing!

Melanie C [AKA Sporty Spice]--> Rock Me

Interesting that she's just NOW going solo, but she looks good, and the song isn't bad! I can't decide how it'll do as a single... I like it, but I feel like it'll stay pretty UK based. We shall see.

Beyonce--> Best Thing I Never Had

I love when B slows things down. This song is beautiful and great.

Coldplay--> Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Well hello, Coldplay. Everyone's getting a real hard on for this song. I feel like it does too much building up without a real climax, but it's your call.

J786--> Rock Tonight

What kinda name is "J786"?! It's not a bad song, but I'm really mad about his/their/whatever name.

Joe Jonas--> See No More

If Hanson couldn't make any solo success, the Jonas Brothers shouldn't be able to either, dangit! I like this cheesy, boy band sounding song though... Hmph.

Kat Deluna--> Drop it Low

Homegirl is tryin' real hard to get a single on the radio right now, I gotta give it to her. I will totally love dancing to this in the club, but that's about it.

Laze and Royal--> You and Me

I am not even mad about this sample! Like... I like it.

DJ Earworm--> Only Time is Tonight

I have become entirely TOO obsessed with DJ Earworm lately. It's probably not healthy. His mixes are my favorite thing to listen to the morning after drinking. Love them. Love this.

Combining the two posts because I have a million things to do and I'm lazy. :)

Jerrod Niemann--> One More Drinkin Song

C'mon, Jerrod... drinkin songs are supposed to be a little more upbeat, aren't they?! It's nice to listen to, but I definitely don't love it. It's not a drinking song in my book.

Kellie Pickler--> Tough

She's got a lot more of a mature, pure country woman sound now. I like it. She sounds great!

Katie Arminger--> I Do But Do I

I like her voice a lot. This song is catchy. There's nothing to dislike.

LeeAnn Rimes--> Give

Super slow and meaningful, but beautiful. It makes me wanna be awesome.

Trace Adkins--> Just Fishin

What a precious little father/daughter song! I love it! Too cute.

That is all for this week! Country peeps- check out Sonia Leigh's "My Name is Money," and Lisa Matassa's "Me Time" too. Couldn't find a great version to embed.


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