Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the next season of the real world is back to san diego!

It's about that time kids! Real World: Las Vegas is wrapping up, the next Challenge is right around the corner, so it's only right we have strangers moving into a house together to get Real sometime within the next week or so.

Location: San Diego!

Apparently they've run out of places considering we've had three back-to-___ seasons in a row, but I can't even complain after looking at this house. It's unreal.

For all my fellow stalkers, if you happen to be in Cali, here's the address: 5212 Chelsea St.

They've already started hooking up the outdoor cameras and renovating, but who even cares about that? Just look at the house that is costing them $15,000 A MONTH in mortgage.

See the cameras?! It's about that time!

It was thanks to the movers that we have these deets!

The view

San Diego residents- be lookin' out for these vans all summer!

Bringin' back the pool aspect!

BEAUTIFUL front door/porch area.

Oh, just a tennis court on the roof... NBD.

Doubtful that this will be the furniture, but ya never know.

And I thought the DC house looked beautiful all lit up.......

Perfect for shooting and tons of cameras.

This place is UN.REAL!!! Wow. If any of the roommates who are moving in happen to stumble across this here blog before moving in- please know you are some lucky b-words. My jaw is literally on my desk right now.

As usual, I'll keep you up to date on all the roommates and their arrivals and identities with the help of molds at Vevmo! I can't wait to see what beach babes we'll get to stare at next season!


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