Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tunes on tuesday 051711


New music, you're pretty great, too.

Lady Gaga--> Hair

I mean.... these songs aren't BAD.... they're certainly better than some of the stuff we play, but why is she releasing everything at once?! Seems real dumb to me and my boss. Good luck with airplay, Gaga.

Alex Guadino ft. Kelly Rowland--> What a Feeling

I am way too huge of a fan of Kelly Rowland being featured on songs NOT to love this song. It reminds me a lot of "When Love Takes Over" which is one of my fave dance songs in recent years. I dig it, but I doubt it'll make it, which is a shame.

ChristianTV--> I'm In Love

It's hella catchy, but like his last single, I unfortunately don't think it'll get a lot of airplay. Too many big names are ruling the airwaves, which is a shame, but this doesn't offer anything extra special. It's fun though, and totally worth some of your time.

Hinder--> What Ya Gonna Do?

Well, before they started yelling at me during the chorus, I thought it was a really pretty rock song. It's not TERRIBLE, but it's Hinder. Take it for yourself.

Linkin Park--> Iridescent

Call me crazy, but this is really slow and sad for them! Or maybe I just forget what they're like, who knows. I don't mind it at all, but I don't think I'll play it alone.... That'd be a bit emotional.

Plain White T's--> Boomerang

Meh. Another whatevs song to me. I expect music to be ON ITS GAME during the summer, and this isn't cutting it. Pretty boring.

Ultraviolent Sound--> Girl Talk

It sounds very 80s to me. Again, nothing to make me go OMG [which, I should note, is a big problem considering I may or may not be semi-intoxicated right now...].

Miguel--> Sure Thing

I don't recommend watching the video. It's... not good. I had high hopes for this song at first, but it kinda let me down. Lame.

Guy Sebastian ft. Eve--> Who's That Girl

Well, Eve seems a bit random and weird, but I wouldn't mind having her back in my life. I need a little something more from this song, but it's not BAD....

Dave Patten--> How Good

I'm immediately obsessed with his sound/image combination. Crap. I want him. I can't tell if he'll make it or not, but because I want to see and hear as much of him as possible, I damn well hope so.

And that's that! Not really any big names this week, so we'll see how the newbies can hang! This is DEFINITELY when I need to hear what you do/don't like, so I know what to play on the show!


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