Wednesday, May 18, 2011

country tunes on tuesday 051711

Howdy Pahtnah! It's time for some new music!
Okay... So I may have gone to happy hour tonight. WHATEVS! Let's get to the point.

Joe Nichols--> Take It Off

It's summertime, take it off! It's about more than clothes, and it's a summer anthem... Just my fave.

Acklen Park--> I love you, I need you

It's your typical cute, lovey dovey, country song... I can't pretend like I don't like these.

Darius Rucker--> I Got Nothin

When this album came out, I blasted this on repeat for hours on end. It's definitely because it was entirely too fitting for a situation I was in, but it's also a great song. Darius will never disappoint, remember that.

Jason Jones--> Ferris Wheel

I can't remember if I posted this before or not, but it's a cute and catchy song. I have a good feeling about it, for sure. Totally love it.

Josh Kelley--> Gone Like That

Not what I was expecting lyrics-wise, but I like it. It's relate-able, and just plain good, typical country.

Also, I couldn't find good, embeddable versions, but check out JT Hodges' "Hunt You Down," Sean Kristopher's "Time Spent" and Shelly Rann's "Hell on Heels!"

That is all! Thank goodness country music saved this week of new music for me.


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