Tuesday, May 17, 2011

nifty website: he'll never never a girlfriend

Because this statement happened on Khloe and Lamar the other week, I'd like to think that was the inspiration, but it's doubtful. That's irrelevant, though.. This website is one of the funniest meme sites I've seen in a while.

Welcome to my life, hewillneverhavbeagirlfriend.com!

How it works: You take a celeb/person/character/whatever that used to be ugly, nerdy, etc, say they'd never have a significant other, then show them now. Plug those pics into this template:

Some are simple, might make you chuckle, but aren't hysterical. Then there are these:

And with THAT bit of hilarious inappropriateness, I shall tell you to just check it out for yourself. If I had any good ideas for this [besides my coworker/boss Frito who is using his 4th grade pic as his profile right now], I'd totally make one.


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