Tuesday, May 17, 2011

nifty website: sugarsugar is my dream come true

Oh. Em. GEE!!!!

You guys. My dream has come true! It's officially easy to find me a Sugar Daddy, and he'll totally know exactly what I want out of the relationship!

Enter SugarSugar.com, "Where romance meets finance."

Literally, it's all about girls who need a little financial support from guys who need a little bit of fun in their lives.

Now, I wanna get something straight- these couples look entirely too in love for me. Unless they're faking it, if this is really about the financial help, I'm looking for a little more no-strings-attached. Benefits on both ends, but homegirl doesn't
need something clouding her heart right now.

Enough about me, more about the site! This thing even tells you who is online, and informed me that there are over 107,500 sugar daddies in Texas.


Good thing I don't need to find one BEFORE I join! It's free! HOLLAAA.

And before you judge me for being fake, you shut your mouth and read a quote from the site:
“Sugar Daddy relationships are as old as mankind itself. Men have a natural instinct to surround themselves with beauty, and women have always sought out the security of a mature, financially stable man. While these aren't the only qualifications for a good dating experience, they are a good place to start!”

See? It's perfectly normal! Now go find yourself one!


PS: One of these days I'll meet a guy who hasn't seen this blog and isn't repulsed by everything I say.... But then I'll be mad that he hasn't read it.

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