Tuesday, April 26, 2011

watch/listen: d-why's "crazy world"

I've known D-Why for a few years now [he's a fellow Mountaineer and even won Homecoming King, HOLLA!], he's been featured on my "Local Limelight" about a year ago, but for whatever reason he's bojangled on getting an interview/feature on this site!

He's not bojanglin' when it comes to his hustle, though. I'm pretty proud of him, really.

I was ESPECIALLY proud when I saw this video. It's just really good. ANYONE will like it because even I like this song.. and it takes more than just someone who can spit a rap for me to like their "underground" song. [Yes, even if it's a friend of mine, I'm not going to share their music with you if I think it blows.]

Anyway, check it out! He's gone from Morgantown to NYC and he's KILLIN' IT. Can't wait to see it when he really takes off.

He's a crazy guy who's got a lot to let out into the world. Check out more of his stuff and show him some love! I already saw some people sharing this on Facebook and I have no idea how they know him, but I'll take full credit I'm not mad about it.


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