Tuesday, April 19, 2011

watch: ellen gives tyler perry a new character

I kind of love Tyler Perry. Ever since my life coach BFF told me to sit down and watch all of the movies, I've become slightly obsessed with them.

He joined Ellen for the first time [which should be a crime! WHY has he not been on before?!] yesterday to talk about his hard times growing up and his advice for everyone.
"If people are telling you what you're not or what you can't be... You can be whatever you want to be, even if it's your mother or father telling you that."

The best part of the entire interview is the end, though.. Hands down. Ellen introduces her character for the family, and it will have you in tears.

PLEASE, Tyler Perry PLEASE!!! Let Ellen be what she wants to be and put her in one of your movies! Dear sweet baby Jesus I wouldn't be able to handle all the laughing.. IN A GOOD WAY!


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