Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ebudget: every gal needs birchbox in their life

I'm all about saving money and not spending even a dollar on something little or something that won't be used, but I'm also all about giving yourself small gifts. I also love getting things in my mailbox.

Ladies, if you've never heard of "BirchBox," you need to check it out.

For the past couple months, I've been paying $10/month and receiving a fun little gift in the mail. It's a cute little box filled with 5 or 6 samples of different beauty products, wrapped up nicely and tied with a bow. It even comes with a note to explain everything I'm getting!

I've gotten anything from Bare Minerals mascara, to Stila lip gloss, some face wipe stuff that almost instantly made me tan without looking fake, lotion, masks, some awesome all natural chapstick, and tons more. It's a lot of products that I haven't heard of, but am falling in heart with.. and I could buy, if I had the money to do so. [Woops. Let's hope they don't cancel me for this...]

This month I got this awesome piece of handmade paper that can be planted into the ground for it to grow into flowers! REAL LIFE! I also got some nail polish, a moisturizing peel, Zoya nail polish, body butter, and a perfume sample!

It's a cheap monthly bill, and it's an awesome day when you get this unknown present in the mail. It's kinda like a secret admirer is sending you some love.

I love it, and I really think you would do! Dooo ittttt.


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