Wednesday, April 20, 2011

tunes on tuesday 041911

Heyo! Happy Tuesday!

I've decided to take a different approach from here on out. If I like a song, I'll put it in a "LIKE" pile on the post. If I don't like it, well, it either won't even get posted, or it'll get put in the "Decide for yourself" pile. Let me know if you like this new way of TOT!

LIKE. Get. Now.

Aubrey O'Day--> Automatic [I know, this is surprising for me too. It's annoying, but way too catchy.]

Chris Brown--> She Ain't You [It's very modern Michael Jackson to me for some reason.]

David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida--> Where Dem Girls At

Jordan Knight--> Let's Go Higher

David Cook--> The Last Song [Definitely a David Cook song, and even though this is very American Idol-rock, I dig it.]

Lloyd Banks ft. Jeremih--> I Don't Deserve You

Akon ft. Chris Brown--> Take It Down Low

Keri Hilson ft. Nelly--> Lose Control [I enjoy this combo a lottt!]

Decide for yourself... but I say no thanks.

Lady Gaga--> Judas

Seether--> Country Song [Definitely not my kind of song]

KeKe Wyatt ft. Ruben Studdard--> Saturday Love [Woah Ruben, the stranger.. I can't decide where this belongs. She sings well, but the song is meh..]

Sunny Sweeney--> Staying's Worse Than Leaving

I can dig it. Her voice is amazing, but it's enjoyable for sure. The lyrics hit a bit close to home.

Billy Currington--> Love Done Gone

A little unexpected and intense in the beginning, but it has me jammin' in my bed right now so I can't complain. Get it.

Rodney Atkins--> Take a Back Road

Maybe I'm in a good mood, but all of this country music is fantastic this week. This obviously counts in such an opinion.

Sugarland--> Tonight

It seems like a pretty powerful song. It's not slow, it's not fast, it's a song that could definitely cross-over if it wants to, and I wouldn't mind. Wouldn't expect it to be a single, but Sugarland can do no wrong in my eyes.

Terri Clark--> Northern Girl

Holy crap, there's a country song about a northern girl. It's like my anthem! I dig it. I wish it was a tad better, but I'm not going to lie- I will blast this song in my car regularly.

That's all for tonight! Enjoy and let me know how you feel about the new "format"!


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