Wednesday, April 6, 2011

country tunes on tuesday 040511

I told ya I had a TON of new music, so I'm splitting it up this week!

Here is this week's new country music!

Reba--> When Love Gets a Hold Of You

I mean.. Can Reba do any wrong?! I think not. It's good as always.

Margaret Durante--> Maybe Tonight

Oh, hello words that I think every weekend when I get ready. Thanks for stealing the words out of my and every girl's mouths, Margaret.

Jake Owen--> Barefoot Blue Jean Night

The beginning sounded awfully familiar, but I guess that's going to happen sometimes.....? It's a fun song, and definitely worth a download.

Dierks Bentley--> Am I The Only One?

I can't wait to see him perform this weekend and listen to him sing this! YAY for songs about having fun, drinking, and being the cool one of your friends!

Jaron And the Long Road To Love--> It's a Good Thing

I really like him. It has a bit of a crossover sound to it, but I don't think it will. I enjoy!

Mary Sarah--> Crazy Good

She's only 15 years old and definitely sounds like it, but if she keeps it up, this girl could be crazy good in the country world. [Catch the pun?! Teehee] This is a good song if you can get over the little girl sound.

Stealing Angels--> Paper Heart

They're just getting started, but they're really freaking good, and we need to fill the seemingly-permanent Dixie Chicks void. I dig it, and I want more.

Okay. THAT'S all the new music for this week! Enjoy, cuz I will!


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