Tuesday, March 15, 2011

watch: steve kardynal was born this way all over nyc

This guy is seriously a YouTube genius.

Please welcome Steve back into your life. Again.

This time he's dancing on the Subway, in the middle of Times Square, and skating at Rockefeller... all while wearing Lady Gaga-approved outfits.

The video is so simple for this one. He's not doing anything more than what I did for my rap video. Unless of course you include the massive amounts of people, the ridiculous outfits, and the fact that it's a guy wearing a leotard.

I wish I could be his bestie. I also wish I knew someone around here that would be willing to do stuff like this with/for me. It's not always as funny when a chic does it.

In fact, I want a guy in Texas, who has some serious balls and absolutely no shame, more than I want a Sugar Daddy. Yeah, I said it. Who's ready to step up to the plate? I freakin' dare you.

Thank you, Steve. You inspire people everywhere. ;)


1 comment:

B-Sand said...

Not his best video but it still made me lol. He's just so goofy looking.