Monday, March 14, 2011

watch: another girl at the dentist, this time sees ellen

The girl who talked about unicorns after getting her teeth pulled is so last year. [Or has it been two years at this point?] Now there's this girl who goes on for 15 minutes or more and somehow keeps it entertaining.

The best part: She SWEARS Ellen Degeneres is in her room.

She also really needs a tic tac, and has a machine on her foot.

OF COURSE Ellen found the video and brought her on the show. Here are highlights of the video, and her interview:

I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon, and I am SO not looking forward to it, but if there's one thing that makes it all better, it's the hope that I can produce something this great. Hopefully someone will volunteer to spend some ridcutarded [I made that word up last week] time with me.

If you wanna see the entire video, here ya go-


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