Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tunes on tuesday 030111

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Break out your iTunes!

One Republic--> Good Life

I like One Republic. It's nice music to sit back and listen to and do what music is supposed to. Maybe I'm in "a mood," but I'm appreciating music as something that can make me chill out and smile, and this will do that.

Pitbull ft. Neyo and Nayer--> I Want Everything

Pitbull isn't my favorite rapper, but I like Ne-Yo, and it's really not a terrible song. I can definitely listen to it multiple times and not hit myself. It's got some funny one-liners in it, too.

The Ready Set--> Young Forever

I'm rooting for him because of the TJ finale and my interview with him, obviously, but this one doesn't reel me in like "Love Like Woe" did. I don't understand why everyone has to alter their voice to the point of no recognition or difference from the next song on the air.

Willow Smith--> 21st Century Girl

It sounds very Ke$ha to me, but it's really not bad! It's been getting pretty good reviews from the listeners/tweeters as far as I can tell.

Glee Cast--> Loser Like Me

It's weird to me that this song is being pushed to radio, but if it was just one singer with a little less of a "Glee" sound, I'd probably be obsessed. I don't dislike it, and it'll probably be a guilty pleasure, but I'll never admit it.

iSquare--> Hey Sexy Lady

I'm always down for an R&B/pop/rap group! Bad news- they're affiliated with Bad Boy. Good news- I like this song, they have a lot of versatility, and I may have a new group to start checking out more.

Chingy--> Superhero

CHINGY! IS IT REALLY YOUUU?! It is. And I'm totally okay with this song! I'm more than okay with it! As far as I remember, this is a lot different than most of his stuff, for the better.

Milk & Sugar vs Vaya Con Dios--> Hey (Nah Neh Nah)

Oh God, this is annoying. If you like "We No Speak Americano" or whatever that stupid song is that I always delete, you'll like this. I, for one, can't stand it.

Frankie Ballard--> A Buncha Girls

I don't know anything about this newcomer, but I know that if you love a Spring Break theme song, or something for the summer, here ya go. You're welcome.

JaneDear Girls--> Shotgun Girl

A lot of country people are lovin' this duo. I like it, but I'm not OMG CRAZY about it. You be the judge if it's love or lust for you.

Little Big Town--> The Reason Why
This is the title track of their new album, and it's very LBT. I'm not a diehard fan of this song, but I'll definitely listen to it.

That's all for this week! What are you LOVING?! Let me know!



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