Tuesday, February 1, 2011

nifty: vibrating bra inserts boost ur boobies

I saw these on Ellen and I just had to check them out further.

Ladies- Anyone like me and need a little boost in boob department? Don't you worry bout a damn thing. These vibrating bra inserts are here to save you!

Apparently you stick em in your bra and let yourself jiggle and vibrate all day and eventually, by what seems to be magic, they will become bigger and firmer.

If you're not affected by a vibrator on your boobs all day while you work, I'd say these sound like a necessity! BONUS: It's only $10.69!!

Would anyone tattle on me if I tried this? Would I be the girl everyone made fun of for stuffing her bra?
Pfft. Don't care.


PS: Here's the absolutely hilarious video of Ellen trying these suckers [or some similar] and the always amazing Asian commercial for them.

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