Tuesday, February 1, 2011

askmen's most desirable women of 2011

Every year AskMen.com puts together a list of the top 99 Most Desirable Women of the year.

Now, the list is officially out!

I totally voted this year, but only 3 of my votes ended up in the top 10. Tear.

In order from 10-1, here are the hottest of the hotties.

YAY for Blake Lively! I LOVE her, and they kept hinting [or I thought so anyway] that she was high up on the list, but #1 is awesome!

I assume Mila is #2 because of her lesbian action on Black Swan. Safe assumption? As for #10 Jessica Pare, #7 Scarlett Johansson, or #4 Selita Ebanks, but I guess this is a guy's blog that posts this so I'm not supposed to understand it... Or so they tell me.

What do you think? Did they get it right? By "they," it was actually based on voters around the country, world, whatever, but I blame AskMen for the results.


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