Monday, December 13, 2010

watch my first parody: 98 degrees "this gift"

I've been coming up with parody ideas for a LONG time. I'll admit: They're not my strong suit, but I was pretty excited for this one.

After a TON of obstacles to work through, I finally got to film this video.

Normally the song is all about an upcoming proposal, but we decided to show the stereotypical men/women. It may be a bit much, and definitely more awkward than any other Christmas music video, but that's why it's great.

All I'll say is: The kicker is at the end... So stay tuned.


I gotta give HUGE credit to my singers that really came through for me [cuz OBVIOUSLY I can't sing]: Sam Houston and Brittany Durapau! They're the bomb diggity.

And thanks to my last minute co-star Jason!

Feel free to tell me it sucks, but if you didn't laugh or feel awkward at least once, you're lame.

Happy Holidays and merry gift exchanging! ;)


PS: Make sure you catch all the Slutty Cat cameos on the video. She was being a camera whore, and I realized I had to just embrace it.

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