Tuesday, December 14, 2010

holiday tunes on tuesday 121410

I told you last week that most of the new music coming out is Christmas music, so I think it's time we enjoy the season and experience it together.

I grew up with all the classic carols, so now I like it when my favorite artists sing their own versions, or even make their own. And that's what this is. Enjoy!

Coldplay--> Christmas Lights

Didn't know it was legal to make a depressing Christmas song, but Coldplay pulled it off. I like to stay away from depressing songs...

The Killers--> Boots

I lied. The Killers also wanted to make a depressing-feeling Christmas song, too. Fabulous. [Maybe the lyrics aren't so depressing, but the feel of the song certainly is.]

Train--> Shake Up Christmas

Yes, this is the song for the Coke commercials... I still enjoy it as a song, though. Even if Train has been haunting us in all of pop culture this year.

Matisyahu--> Miracle

Here's a Chanukah song for all my Jewish readers! Everyone's raving about it. You have to go about 1:45 in to get to the song part, and it's got a good beat.

Katharine McPhee--> Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You

Probably my favorite new one I've heard so far. I like Katharine. It's a shame she hasn't done better in the mainstream radio world.

Kristinia Debarge--> Do You Hear What I Hear

I also fully enjoy Kristinia Debarge. This is a really pretty rendition of the classic song.

Mariah Carey--> Oh Santa

Everyone wants this to be as big as her classic "All I Want For Christmas" song. I don't think that's possible. For anyone, really. It is a good Christmas song, though. Her Christmas special on ABC last night- weird.

Rihanna--> A New Child Is Born

Ooh, she put her Barbados touch on this song! It's fun! I totally dig it. It's different and it's not your typical Christmas song, but that's what's refreshing.

That's all for now! Enjoy the smiles!


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