Monday, December 13, 2010

nifty gift idea: unsual flavors of alcohol

A lot of people may be really freaking out at this point trying to figure out what to get a new friend, coworker, or someone not extremely close.

Do you know what they like to eat or drink? That's easy to figure out! Then, you could always match it up with some flavored alcohol!

There are a TON of flavors I've never heard of. Did you know they have root beer flavored liqueur? Jalapeno flavored vodka?! Coconut tequila! There's even salmon flavored vodka!

Who knows if any of these are really delicious, but that's not the point. It's one of those unusual gifts that someone isn't going to think of and will be totally excited to try. Plus, they'll appreciate the effort you put in to finding something different. [You're welcome.]

It's really not that expensive, either! You can get Me Oko Jalapeno Vodka [and also give these recipes] or a handle of root beer Smirnoff Vodka, both about $20! What a DEAL!

My favorite has always been the cheapo Burnetts vodka, in cherry or fruit punch flavor, and I promise it's delicious and under $10.

If you know of any crazy flavors, please share!