Friday, December 10, 2010

watch: miley cyrus high as ____

Seriously, though... Who didn't expect Miley to go head first over a cliff the day she turned 18?

Apparently it actually took 5 days after she turned 18 to get higher than Britney Spears and become the dumbest celebrity out there.

She got high off salvia and let her friends INTERVIEW AND RECORD her!

Okay so I about fell out of my chair from laughing so hard, but WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!

I'm sure she was thinking "if I let my friends record me and leak this to the internet, I won't be thought of as the Disney chic anymore."

You're right, Miley. No matter the drug you're smoking, you've officially lost all of your Disney fans... Which BTW- was 75% of your following.

Helloooo Lindsay Lohan Jr.

Now I will watch it again. And bookmark it for days I need a good laugh/proof that I'm pretty awesome.


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