Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tunes on tuesday 110910

Another Tuesday, another batch of new music!

Plain White T's--> Rhythm of Love

It's real chill. I'm not obsessed with it, nor will I play it on my own very much, but it's not bad.

Michael Jackson--> Breaking News

I showed this one to you yesterday, but if you haven't listened to the whole thing, now you should. What are your thoughts? You think it's really him? Do you like it?

Flo Rida ft. Akon--> Who Dat Girl

I feel like these two guys have a new song every week. No surprise here- I like it. It's not necessarily a GREAT song, but it's fun, and I enjoy.

Auburn--> All About Him

This is an interesting song... In a good way, I think. Listen to it, for sure.

Wiz Khalifa--> Black and Yellow

As he's heading to jail [even though he's already out on bail], his song is about to blow up. It's a dumb song. Real dumb. Which means it's going to be huge.

Chuck Wicks--> Old School
I expected this song to be a lot better when I clicked on it, but it's not bad. I'll probably love it after a few more plays.

Lathan Moore--> Love in Your Life
Typical country I LOVE MY LIFE song. It's pretty good.

Also, you need to make sure you check out Nelly and Kelly Rowland--> Gone, if you haven't yet. I posted it earlier.

AND! For all of you who don't listen to country music too much but are all about Top 40, I hear Sugarland is about to be the next to crossover to Top 40 with this song, Stuck Like Glue.

I'm OBSESSED with Sugarland, I love this song, and I'm really excited they're going to crossover, but I never thought this song would be the one to do it. Do you want to hear it more?

You're welcome, as always.


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