Wednesday, November 10, 2010

watch etv: my first time trying the mcrib

I've been fascinated by the McRib for years now, but whenever it comes back, I never actually try it. Maybe it's because I'm a big girl, or maybe it's the southern BBQ getting a hold of me, but I would NOT let the chance to try this epic piece of food slip out of my fingers this time.

Tonight was THE night. I got the McRib. The sandwich everyone's been talking about.

Added note: It's the best thing to ever hit my mouth, but not the best to hit my stomach. I advise you to be alone and near a bathroom. TMI? Whatevs.

Before I got it I wondered if it would be as amazing as the rib sandwich from the high school cafeterias that everyone always had to get two of. The truth: I am in fact convinced that it's practically the same thing.

Are there any people still in HS in Virginia that read this that can confirm? If it's still being served, that is.

Get it. Now. It's 110% worth it. I wouldn't lie to you.


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Anonymous said...

hahaha I havnt tried it either bc I am scared to! But my high school in MoCo, MD served those and all the guys ate 2!! I never tried those either.