Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the night we ruined a relationship

As you should know by now, every Tuesday night I join Niblett, our night guy, for our weekly show- "the Break For play Time." [Get it?!]

Tonight I had the idea of asking people to test their boyfriends. Basically, they think they're boyfriend is loyal, they give us their phone number, and I call him, flirt, and ask him out.

I figured no guy would be dumb enough to fall for it unless he's a real skeezeball. Niblett thought they would, but he normally knows nothing about relationships. When a girl who's engaged called, I knew I had this bet in the bag.

...Until we made the call. Listen to it below in two parts:

We couldn't play that on air. He wasn't too happy with us, as you could hear, and we were a little worried about our lives. The fun thing about the internet is that you have a little more leeway [and he may not know this is here].

I swear on everything I own, even Slutty Cat, that this is real. Real people. Real radio. No set up.

I know. It's hard for even me to believe that two pranks in a row have been pulled off with such success. I'd say Niblett and I are destined for greatness.

We'll be having a podcast channel up and running on iTunes soon. Be on the lookout.

To the couple that we probably broke up tonight- I sincerely apologize, but it's a known fact- Radio ruins lives, and you volunteered yours.


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