Monday, October 4, 2010

watch: kanye and a miley impression on snl

I've never been a big watcher of Saturday Night Live. I normally just rely on the Internet to fill me in the next day.

That's what I did this week, and now I'm going to fill you in because it's worth it.

First of all- Kanye was on this week, and he [of course] performed "Runaway."

Really, Kanye? The same outfit? The same backdrop? All you did was add a couple ballerinas to spice it up a little bit?

Here I am worried about wearing the same outfit to work twice, and he's wearing the same eye-catching suit to two of his biggest performances of the year.

I'm not impressed.

What is impressive- Vanessa Bayer's Miley impression. It's spot on.

I don't know about the head tilt up thing, but everything else couldn't have been better. Agreed?

Who was the star of the show? Kanye or Vanessa? I say Vanessa... just sayin'.


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