Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tunes on [wednesday] 101310

I tried to get this done during the day yesterday, but my super special secret website failed me. Now I can provide you with the new music you crave. ;)

Sam Tsui--> Love the Teenage Dynamite

Okay, so I renamed it a little so maybe it'd catch your attention if it didn't when I posted it the other day. It's amazing. Easily my favorite thing I've heard in a month or more.

The Black Keys--> Tighten Up

It's an interesting, different sound. I'm a little surprised it's catching people's eyes [or ears?] but I guess the refreshment is nice. You be the judge of this one.

Chris Willis--> Louder [Put Your Hands Up]

Do you like autotune? Yes? Great. This is the song for you. Honestly, I can imagine myself hearing this in the club [more importantly I dream of hearing it in McFaddens] and I really like it. It's a banger.

Every Avenue--> Tell Me I'm a Wreck

Ya know what... I like this song. It's interesting to hear a guy singing this kind of song, and I totally dig it. I don't know why specifically, I just do.

Mumford & Sons--> Little Lion Man

Another refreshing, rather different sound. It's chill. I enjoy it.

Paramore--> Playing God

I was never a big fan of Paramore until The Only Exception, but now I think they've won me over. This is a good song.

The Script--> For the First Time

Am I the only one who thinks their voices are freakin' beautiful? I like the song and the lyrics, but I don't know that it'll be a huge song. We shall see.

Ashley Gearing--> What You Think About Us

It's upbeat, she's got a strong voice, she's gorgeous, and I'm officially rooting for her to make it. It's a great song.

That's all I got for you today!

If you're a Candy 95 listener, make sure you let me know which songs you LOVE and want to hear played throughout the day!


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