Monday, October 18, 2010

i spy/nifty: your favorite new drink- the lava lamp

My fellow Wonderful Web Wing'ers [get it? WWW!! teehee!] have a really awesome new idea every day. I sit at my desk and listen to their fantastic millionaire ideas and figure out ways to steal them for myself and make BILLIONS! [Okay... so I'm no Zuckerberg... but it would be pretty cool and funny.]

My favorite so far: The Lava Lamp Drink.

You're probably looking at that like "WTF?!" and "I don't know about this... it's pretty but.... Weird."

What it is: Uber strong Jell-o shots in ginger ale, Sprite, or whatever soda you'd like.
Why it's called the Lava Lamp: The Jell-o floats around within the liquid and bobs up and down to look exactly like a lava lamp!

The stronger the alcohol, the better! The Jell-o slips through into your mouth with the deliciousness of soda to completely mask any taste of alchy! GENIUS!

The inventor is Patrick, and here's his explanation on how to make it happen, Cap'n! [We had a 70s themed party to debut the drink because it was the appropriate way to do so. That should explain his outfit and the conversation.]

We put the Jell-o in bowls so we could all just scoop it out, but keeping them in individual cups will maximize floatage and minimize messes.

So what alcohol should you use? Well, if you want to have the original Lava Lamp [and be a badass] you'll want some good ol' fashioned rubbing alcohol Everclear. Trust me, you won't be able to taste it.

If that doesn't make your mouth water, I'd recommend cheap flavored vodka [so you really can't taste it] or even coconut rum [which would be amazing with fruity soda].

We tried to make an entire Lava Lamp bar here in the BCS, but our day jobs kinda prohibit that from happening.

So I'd say try this drink this weekend, fall in love with it, and if you want to help us make this the next Long Island Iced Tea [but way cooler!], let me know! If you want more recommendations, just holler!

Enjoy the drink and enjoy the drunk. You're welcome.


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