Monday, October 18, 2010

watch: ellen pole dances

This whole pole dancing as a sport thing is really taking flight! I need to find a class somewhere in the BCS. Anyone know of any?!

If there's not a class I can take in person, maybe I can get a DVD and a scary at-home pole like this lady on Ellen was promoting.

The awesome part of the promotion [I assume it was a promotion, anyway] is that she got Ellen to dance sexual an on a pole.

I wish I could find a video of the beginning when she was really gyrating her hips all types of crazy. I mean, I've always said Ellen is one of two people in this world who could make me go lesbian but DANG! Even with her incredibly awkward moves she's sexy!

Also on today's show- Russell Brand. Because he is seriously the weirdest guy in Hollywood [that I know anything about] right now, I will recommend watching this:

Again, I wish you could see the beginning where he walks out in super slow-mo like it was normal, but I think you get the idea.

It was a GREAT episode of Ellen today, so I recommend watching it if you can. Jesse Eisenberg and Kyle Massey were also on. Really, really good show.


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