Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tunes on tuesday 081710

Oh no! I forgot to do this before midnight! Forgive me?! Can your iPod forgive me?! Kthanks.

American Bang--> Wild and Young

This coulddd go country I feel, but it's on the Top 40 charts! It's totally fun. I enjoy. It's also different, which I'm always down for. Yesyesyes.

Cody Simpson ft Flo Rida--> Iyiyi

OH SNAP! He's boutta take Bieber's spot!!! He's got Flo Rida on his track and Flo Rida= gold.

David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi--> Memories

Maybe this is old... I know I've heard it. Have I posted it here? Anyway, get used to it. You're going to hear it a lot.

Plain White T's--> Rhythm of Love

It's pretty, soft, cute....

The Cataracs--> Base Down Low

My Florida DJ BF recommended this and the next few... So that means they're club bangers. I dig it. I think these Cataracs are onto something.

Wiz Khalifa--> Hey Girl

Another recommendation... I say meh, but you be the judge.

Pitbull ft. White Stripes--> Gimme a Bottle

Final recommendation. I will not be playing this throughout the weekend, but when it comes time to get ready to go out, this will be on full blast.

Sara Bareilles--> King of Anything

It's VERY Sara Bareilles. If you like her, like I do, you'll like it. It's fun, cute, and yeah- her.

Zac Brown Band ft. Alan Jackson--> As She's Walking Away

People may say "typical country" and I say "so what"?! It's good.

Dierks Bentley ft Alison Krauss--> Draw Me a Map

Okay so it's probably a typical-country kind of week. Whatever. Don't judge.

Justine Blazer--> New Country Beat

There we go. A little more upbeat and fun. I have no idea who this chic is but she sounds very homey... in a good way.

Okay, that's all for now! Goodnight loves! Enjoy!


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