Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tunes on tuesday 080310

WOO! Happy Tuesday! I was pretty beat last week and the Twitter-world told me it was okay if I skipped this post, but then I got yelled at by my hickey-contest-havin' BFF... So I won't make that mistake again.

Let's get right into it, shall we?!

Nelly--> Just A Dream

Whatttt! He's BACK! I was just asking the other day when he was going to come back with something. It's VERY Nelly, with a chiller sound. A little slower. A little more lovey. I can dig it just cuz it's Nelly. I've missed that "uh uh uh." Agreed?

New Boyz ft. Iyaz--> Break My Bank

Okay, I'm over it. This sound, I mean. It's stupid music. It was cool for a little while, now I want it gone.

3OH!3--> Double Vision

Ya know, I enjoy them. They're a little different.

Cartel--> Faster Ride

I always listen to them because I remember a girl at school LOVING them, and they're not bad! For whatever reason they've never made it real big on the radio, but they're worth a download.

Hedley--> Perfect

Anyone ever heard of these peeps? They're not bad... If you're into this kind of music.

Justin Bieber--> U Smile

He's taking Usher's "U" for titles of songs! Y'all know I got the fever. This is a cute song. I'll play it on the radio if ya want. ;) And I KNOW you want me to....

Lady Gaga--> Speechless

You should also know how I feel about Gaga at this point. Hmph. This is different than the others at least, so I can dig it... For now.

Stephen Jerzak ft. Leighton Meester--> She Said

I wonder if she'll ever get her own song or just help other not-so-known peeps? It could be fun to dance to, but I'd rather not listen to it a million times.

Ahmad Belvin--> Super Sorry

My Florida DJ BF suggested this one so it's GOT to be good.... right?!...

Kevin Rudolf ft. Flo Rida--> You Make the Rain Fall

I can dig it. That is all.

Sugarland--> Stuck Like Glue

Ooh! This is different and fun! I enjoy. I enjoy everything they do.

Gwyneth Paltrow--> Country Song
[Sorry, just a preview!]

Yes, Gwyneth is now singing country music... Interesting, I know. She's actually pretty good. I can see her becoming pretty big, to be honest. Not a one-hit-wannabe-wonder like some other actress turned singers.

That's all for today and this week! I won't skip it again, PROMISE!


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