Thursday, July 15, 2010

mtv tj challenge 4! how to help!

I'm still on a bit of a high from last night's success with the Real World New Orleans chat and the Flawless Escape show, but it's time to focus on the next challenge: Getting celebs to follow me, retweet me, and support #EB4MTVTJ.

Before I tell you how you can help, I want to pick a couple people to really focus on and harass for the next few days... That way we're not all over the place. These are my faves on Twitter or people I have a connection with.... And how I think I can reel them in.

  1. @KrisAllen. We both have that fantastic crooked mouth thing going on! I also LOVE American Idol [duh] and love him! We shall send my Twitpic to him as much as possible and remind him of the beauty we would create if we were lovers friends.
  2. @iJustine. She was one of the people who inspired me to create this blog and my videos, she knows my online Florida BF and she's the Mac version of me, or I'm the PC version of her... whichever you look at it. [eBethany/iJustine]
  3. @LaVarArrington. I want a Redskin follower... Bad. He was my first ever jersey, and the reason I LOVED going to the games. He may have become a traitor, but he's back in Washington again!
  4. @TheEllenShow. I'm sure everyone's going to try and get her, but there's no way anyone's a bigger fan of hers than mine. I'm going to prove it. I'll have the most epic of all epic videos up later tonight. In the meantime- keep tweeting her.
  5. @LaurenConrad. I genuinely think she'll be the hardest to get, but I love her. I have to try. I model my look and attitude after her. She's one of my realistic idols. She doesn't follow many people, but she's gotta follow me!
This is all I'm going to say for now. I don't want to be all over the place, I want to stay focused... And these people represent many sides of me.

If you have any other suggestions, send em my way. Tomorrow I may add or delete some of this list... so stay tuned!

Thanks in advance! Your help means the world to me.


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