Tuesday, July 6, 2010

dare: buy something with my underwear outside my clothes

Truth or Dare with the Internet is absolutely the best thing to ever happen since stalking the Real World DC.

The latest Dare:

I told ya I'd do anything, and I'm looking at all of this as preparation for being on possibly live, national TV soon, so I did it with ease! ...Right after the BFF told me she hoped I'd end up on PeopleOfWalMart.

[YouTube sucks and copyrighted me right away again, so I had to go to Plan B. Lame.]

I wish you could see the reactions better! My videographer was trying to be discreet.

I have one of the best dares to complete tomorrow [along with the start of competition!] so keep sendin em! Just 'cuz I haven't completed yours yet, doesn't mean I won't!



Miss Sarcastic said...

This. Is. Amazing.

Paunchy said...

LMAO and that's why you're awesome. Hilarious

Unknown said...

Glad you didn't buy any lipgloss.

GlitrVamp said...

FanFREAKINGtastic! Love it. This is why you need to get that TJ job.