Tuesday, July 6, 2010

nifty?: the MANstruation machine

This is just weird.

I understand sometimes guys may wonder "what's it like to be a girl and have a period"... But I don't think they ever really wanna find out.

Then again... Sometimes us ladies really want you to understand that time of the month.

Someone has decided to make it all possible with the Menstruation Machine for men... AKA I shall call it the MANstruation Machine.

Apparently it latches onto the guy, makes it so red, blood-like fluid comes out, and even gives them cramps.


As much as I really would love to put every guy through this once, I'm a little disturbed that someone created it.... Or drew up the detailed plans, anyway.

In case you wanted to really be bothered, this is the picture they're using to illustrate it all. Looks like a whole lot of fun!..........

Don't worry guys... I won't be using this to get back at you all for breaking my heart... Not yet, anyway.


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