Monday, July 5, 2010

bp is burning whales

I'm looking for some blog material today because I'm a bit unmotivated after spending my day at the pool, but I found something that quickly put anger in my veins. [I always look for something that gives me an immediate reaction, and would probably do the same thing to you.]

I found this picture:

If you can't tell what it is, it's a burnt whale. Lots of news sources are saying it was because of the oil spill and was either burnt to death, or burnt to cover up the evidence of being affected by BP.

I tried really hard to stay out of this oil spill mess just because it's political, serious, etc.... but pictures get to me.

Someone please stop this thing soon. Seriously. Please. It's not funny anymore.


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Another David said...

I don't believe this. By which I mean, I literally don't believe that this had much of anything to with BP. Allow me to explain:

Hypothesis 1: It was burned by oil. This is probably not true because the only time a whale would come in contact with burning oil is when it comes up to breathe, when it wouldn't have surfaced for long enough for that kind of damage to be done, nor would it have surfaced under something that's blotting out the sun like oil, nor would it have surfaced on its left side.

Hypothesis 2: BP burned the whale to cover something up. This is probably not true because, well, maybe BP's smartest engineers can't figure out a way to stop the oil, but it doesn't take much to realize that burning a whale and dumping it in the middle of the Gulf is not a good way to cover something up. And if they couldn't think of one, I'm sure the mob would help them out.

Also, that source claimed that the whale was burned alive and then offered absolutely zero proof of that. Listen, it's a damn shame what's happening in the Gulf. A lot of it is BP's fault, but there's also a good chunk of plain old bad luck involved there. Before the spill, lots of animals died in the Gulf every day for a variety of reasons and they will continue to do so for long after the spill in cleaned up. Just sayin...

elizabethany said...

I genuinely don't understand how it's proven to be BP's fault... I just share what I read. NY Times said something about it too, along with a bunch of other sources.

It doesn't completely make sense to me, but nothing about the oil spill situation does.

Lots of things are bad luck, this may be one of them, or it could be related... either way... it's sad and not good. :-/

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone in the US will stop slagging off BP, there were lots of other companies involved in this disaster yet BP is the only one getting the blame, maybe because it is British, just putting it out there.

Any Elizabethany, can you do some more Real World podcasts :D