Monday, July 5, 2010

watch: mtv tj's do the spice girls

When I told the world to listen to Candy95 and my 90s Dance Party the day my MTV TJ candidacy was announced, a lot of my fellow TJs tuned in, and every one of them requested the Spice Girls.

This spiked an idea: An MTV TJ/Spice Girls lipdub.

I rounded up the troops from across the country, color coded the script, and had them send in videos. I then crashed my news anchor BFF's house to use his Mac and compiled what I think is a pretty great video.

We had some complications and last minute back-outs, but I'm happy with it.

So meet 13 of your top 20 MTV TJ candidates!:

Thank you to all the TJs for participating! T'was fun! Maybe we can convince Brett from Oz to post this somewhere special... on the TV even?!


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